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XenForo 1.5.17 - Full Nulled

Discussione in 'Release's' iniziata da Jackass, 2 Marzo 2018.

  1. Jackass

    Jackass Membro dello Staff Admin

    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    XenForo 1.5.17 is now available for all licensed customers to download. This release fixes a number of bugs and issues that were found since the previous release. As this is a maintenance release, the vast majority of the focus was an increase in stability.
    Some of the changes in this release include:
    Fixed behaviour of user upgrade downgrades following refund/reversal
    Use a less permissive scope for Google integration
    Fix success message when downgrading a user
    Use latest Google analytics code
    Handle deleted users in spam cleaner better
    Throw an error if a trophy is created without criteria
    Drop the use of 'assoc' from Twitter and Facebook redirects
    Fix the max length of the controller name in session activity updates
    See the Resolved Bug Reports forum for further information.
    The following templates have had changes:
    Where necessary, the merge system within the "Outdated Templates" page should be used to integrate these changes.
    Please note that we are now formally recommending that you upgrade to PHP 5.4 or newer. XenForo 2.0 requires PHP 5.4 or newer. If you are running PHP 5.3 or 5.2, you will receive a warning when installing or upgrading XenForo.
    More Stable
    This release follows our principle that third-point (x.x.X) releases should always be more stable than the preceding version, so for the most part you will not find new features in this release. Major new features will be reserved for second point versions (x.X.x).
    Installation and Upgrade Instructions
    Full details for how to install and upgrade XenForo can be found in the XenForo Manual.

    DOWNLOAD: http://boards.altervista.org/index.php?resources/xenforo-1-5-17-full-nulled.24/

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