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Better Blogs Free XenForo v1.0.38

Discussione in 'Modification's' iniziata da Jackass, 23 Giugno 2014.

  1. Jackass

    Jackass Membro dello Staff Admin

    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    This is a XenForo integrated blogging system that is meant to be both a replacement for blogs for people that are migrating from vBulletin, and a fully featured blogging solution for communities that want to offer their members the opportunity of engaging into blogging in an easy way.

    This is the Free version of the Better Blogs add-on

    This version includes full blogging functionality, including the importers. You can refer to the table for details.

    You can use this on your site to start trying out blogs, test-run it with your members, try the importer, and whenever you are ready to get all the features, you can move transparently to the full version.

    A small update to get the ball rolling again.

    Thew new "copy posts" and "move posts" functionality was broken due to an incompatibility with the Blog Add-On. This small update fixes that.

    Please note from this version on this assumes XF 1.3, and XenForo 1.3 itself is in beta. You might want to wait till the 1.3 release to update.

    Bug Fixes
    • Restored the copyright in the footer (broke after XenForo 1.3)
    • XenForo applied the fix for canRevert, we don't need the fix in Better Blogs anymore. The template substitution was removed.
    • The "My blog" link in the account page was missing an <li>
    • The Cron for Scheduled and Future Entries was enabled (it does not exists in the free version)
    • Following a user was throwing a Blog's related error

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